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* Notebook components
    LCD for Notebook
    Battery for Notebook
    CD_DVD drive
    cooler pad
    Power supply
Spare parts GSM
Battery GSM
Charger GSM
Hands-Free GSM
Housing GSM
Repairs instruments
Universal product
Wireless Charger/Receiver
Memory Card
MP3/MP4 Player
Bluetooth Headset
Car Accessories
Display protection GSM,Camera,PDA
Power supply
Security kit
Toner& Inc cartridge for Printer
Usb Flash Disk
Bag for Photo/Video camera
Battery Photo/Video
Charger for video/photo cameras
Datacable for Photo/Video
Memory Card Reader/Writer
Home charging AA/AAA/C/D & Batteries

Notebook components Главная : Notebook components :

LCD for Notebook (18)
Battery for Notebook (133)
CD_DVD drive (2)
cooler pad (3)
Power supply (20)


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Notebook USB Travel Tool Bag подробнее...
Notebook USB Travel Tool Bag
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Наша цена: 14.20EUR (9.98Ls)
Notebook USB Travel Tool Bag Package contents: Mini optical mouse, USB Num pad, Network cable (RJ45), USB-Hub (4 port), USB cable (USB-A to miniUSB). This comfortable USB device set supplies you with everything you need when traveling with your notebook. Featuring an optical mouse, 4-port USB hub, RJ45 network cable, USB-a to miniUSB cable and a USB numpad - always the most important accessories with you! The bag is made of durable nylon and features inflexible foam placeholders inside to securely fit every part. All cables are constructed as retractable flex cables for clean wire management and without carrying around messy and tangled wires - useful for any netbook/notebook or PC/Mac.
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Notebook Cooler pad - CP03 black подробнее...
Notebook Cooler pad - CP03 black
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Наша цена: 12.10EUR (8.50Ls)
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Notebook cooler pad - CP08 silver подробнее...
Notebook cooler pad - CP08 silver
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Наша цена: 17.10EUR (12.02Ls)
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Notebook cooling pad CP01 подробнее...
Notebook cooling pad CP01
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Наша цена: 10.70EUR (7.52Ls)
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POWER SUPPLY.FR2103GS 6000mA TF1 подробнее...
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Наша цена: 35.60EUR (25.02Ls)
Universal power supply for Notebook 15/16/18/19/20/22/24 VDC. 15/16/18/19/20 VDC=6A, 22/24 VDC=5A
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POWER SUPPLY.FR2173.5000mA TF1 подробнее...
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Наша цена: 19.90EUR (13.99Ls)
Car notebook charger 15/16/18/19/20/22/24 VDC (5A) Jack 3,5mm/1,35mm, 4,75mm/1,75mm,5,5mm/1,75mm, 5,5mm/2,1mm, 5,5mm/2,5mm, 6,5mm
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UNIVERSAL  POWER SUPPLY. AUTO  FR2172.3500mA подробнее...
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Старая цена: 21.30EUR
Наша цена: 17.10EUR (12.02Ls)
Вы экономите: 4.20EUR (20%)
Universal power supply auto 3500mA 12V>>>>>>15 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 22 / 24VDC
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UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY.FR2102.3500mA 90W подробнее...
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Старая цена: 28.50EUR
Наша цена: 24.20EUR (17.01Ls)
Вы экономите: 4.30EUR (16%)
220V >>>15 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 22 / 24VDC 3500mAh Fits notebooks Acer Aspire 1200, Aspire 1350, Aspire 1360, Aspire 1410, Aspire 1450, Aspire 1680, Aspire 1690, Aspire 2000, Aspire 2010, Aspire 2020, Aspire 3000, Aspire 3010, ASPIRE 3020, Note 330T, Travelmate 210, Travelmate 210T, Travelmate 210TER, Travelmate 212T, Travelmate 212TE, Travelmate 212TXV, Travelmate 213T, Travelmate 213TXV, Travelmate 220, TravelMate 223X, TravelMate 223XC, TravelMate 225X, TravelMate 225XC, Travelmate 225XV-Pro, Travelmate 230, Travelmate 233XC, Travelmate 240, Travelmate 260, Travelmate 270, Travelmate 270XV, Travelmate 280, Travelmate 290, Travelmate 330, Travelmate 330T, Travelmate 340T, Travelmate 350, Travelmate 351TVE, Travelmate 360, Travelmate 500, Travelmate 506, Travelmate 506DX, Travelmate 520, Travelmate 521T, Travelmate 521TE, Travelmate 521TXV, Travelmate 522, Travelmate 525, Travelmate 525TXV, Travelmate 527TXV, Travelmate 529TXV, Travelmate 530, Travelmate 600, Travelmate 600TER, Travelmate 602, Travelmate 602TER, Travelmate 603, Travelmate 610, Travelmate 620, Travelmate 630, Travelmate 730, Travelmate 730TXV, Travelmate 732, Travelmate 732TLV, Travelmate 735TLV, Travelmate 735TXV, Travelmate 738TLV, Travelmate 739TLV, Travelmate 740, TravelMate a550, TravelMate a551, TravelMate Alfa 550, TravelMate Alpha 551 AMS APT Green 785 Argonaut Ultra 400, Chem USA ChemBook 9780P, Chicony MP-978, Chicony MP-979, Chicony MP-983, Chicony MP-989, Compal N-30N3, Tech Rodeo 3000 series, Tech Rodeo 3000CX, Tech Rodeo 3000ECX, Tech Rodeo 3015ECX, Tech Rodeo 3020ECX, Tech Rodeo 3030ECX, Tech Rodeo 3035CX, Tech Rodeo 3035CX98, Tech Rodeo 3037CX, Tech Rodeo 3040ECX, Tech Rodeo 3042ECX, Tech Rodeo 3052ECX, Tech Rodeo 3062ECX, Tech Rodeo 3072ECXA, Tech Rodeo 5000ECX, Tech Rodeo 5010ECX, Tech Rodeo 5020ECX, Tech Rodeo 5030ECX, Tech Rodeo 5032ECX, Tech Rodeo 5042ECX, Tech Rodeo 5052ECX, Tech Rodeo3038CX, Tech Travelex 101CT, Tech Travelex 105, Tech TravelPro 2500, Tech TravelPro 2500CX, Tech TravelPro 2500CX98, Tech TravelPro 2550, Tech TravelPro 2550CT98, Tech TravelPro 2550CX, Tech TravelPro 2550CX98, Tech TravelPro 255CT, Tech TravelPro 255CX, Tech TravelPro 256CXA, Tech TravelPro 2570, Tech TravelPro 257CXA, Tech TravelPro 2580, Tech TravelPro 2595CXA, Tech TravelPro EX 105CT, TechAct P83 Asus A2 series, A2000H, A2000L, L7000, L7000C, L7200, L7300, L8400, M6700N, M6800N, V6V, W3V, W5V, Z33A, Z3A, Z71V, Z9 series, Z9000 Compaq , Armada 110, Armada E500, Armada E500S, Armada E700, Armada M300, Armada M700, Armada V300 , Evo N110, Evo N150, Evo N200, Evo N400c, Evo N410c, Evo N600c, Evo N610C, Evo N800, Evo N800c, Evo N800v, Evo N800W, Presario 1500, Presario 2800, Presario 300, Presario 900, Prosignia 160, Prosignia 165, Prosignia 170, Prosignia 190 Dell Dell Latitude 43M, Dell Latitude LX450, Dell LS 2100 , Dell LS 2200, Dell LS 2800 series, Inspiron 1200, Inspiron 1300, Inspiron 2200, Inspiron 300 233XT, Inspiron 3000, Inspiron 3200, Inspiron 3500, Inspiron 3500D233XT, Inspiron 3500D233XT, Inspiron 3500D266GT, Inspiron 3500D266GT, Inspiron 3500D300GT, Inspiron 3500D300GT, Inspiron 3500XT, Inspiron 7000, Inspiron B120, Inspiron B130, Latitude 110L, Latitude LX, Latitude LXX, Latitude LXX 4100, Latitude LXX 4100T, Latitude T Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO 1655G, Lifebook C2010, Lifebook C2110, Lifebook C2111, Lifebook C2111 series, Lifebook C2310, Lifebook C2320, Lifebook C2330, Lifebook S7000, Lifebook S7000D, Lifebook S7010, Lifebook S7010D, Lifebook T4010, Tablet PC T4010D Gateway Solo 1100 , Solo 1150, Solo 1400, Solo 1450, Solo 2100, Solo 2150, Solo 2200, Solo 2300, Solo 2500, Solo 2550, Solo 3300, Solo 3350, Solo 5100, Solo 5150, Solo 9100, Solo 9150, Solo 9300, Solo 9300cx, Solo 9300xl HP/COMPAQ Compaq 725CA, Deskjet 450, NC8240, OmniBook 2100, Omnibook 2103, OmniBook 2104, Omnibook 2105, OmniBook 2106, OmniBook 2120, OmniBook 2121, OmniBook 2122, OmniBook 2123, OmniBook 2124, OmniBook 2125, OmniBook 2126, OmniBook 2127, OmniBook 3000, OmniBook 3100, Omnibook 3101, OmniBook 3102, Omnibook 4100, Omnibook 4101, Omnibook 4102, Omnibook 4103, Omnibook 4104, Omnibook 4105, Omnibook 4106, Omnibook 4107, Omnibook 4108, Omnibook 4110, Omnibook 4111, Omnibook 4150, Omnibook 4150B, Omnibook 500, OmniBook 500B, Omnibook 6000, OmniBook 6000 series, OmniBook 6000B, OmniBook 6000C, Omnibook 6100, OmniBook 7000, OmniBook 7100, OmniBook 7103T, OmniBook 7150, OmniBook 900, OmniBook XE, OmniBook XE 4100, OmniBook XE2, OmniBook XE2-DA, OmniBook XE2-DB, OmniBook XE2-DC, OmniBook XE2-DD, OmniBook XE2-DE, OmniBook XE2-DI, OmniBook XE3, OmniBook XE3L, Omnibook XE4500, OmniBook XE-DA, Pavilion 6000, Pavilion N3000 series, Pavilion N3100, Pavilion N3110, Pavilion N3150, Pavilion N3190, Pavilion N3210, Pavilion N3215, Pavilion N3250, Pavilion N3270, Pavilion N3290, Pavilion N3295, Pavilion N3310, Pavilion N3330, Pavilion N3350, Pavilion N3370, Pavilion N3390, Pavilion N3400, Pavilion N3400 series, Pavilion N3402, Pavilion N3410, Pavilion N3438, Pavilion N3478, Pavilion N3490, Pavilion N5000, Pavilion N5000 Series, Pavilion n5125, Pavilion n5130, Pavilion n5150, Pavilion n5170, Pavilion n5190, Pavilion n5195, Pavilion N5200, Pavilion n5210, Pavilion N5210M, Pavilion n5240, Pavilion n5250, Pavilion n5270, Pavilion n5290, Pavilion n5295, Pavilion N5300 series, Pavilion n5310, Pavilion n5340, Pavilion n5350, Pavilion n5390, Pavilion n5400, Pavilion n5415, Pavilion N5420L, Pavilion N5421L, Pavilion n5425, Pavilion n5430, Pavilion n5435, Pavilion n5440, Pavilion n5441, Pavilion n5445, Pavilion n5450, Pavilion n5455, Pavilion n5470, Pavilion n5474, Pavilion n5475, Pavilion n5490, Pavilion n5491, Pavilion n5495, Pavilion N5500 series, Pavilion N5511L, Pavilion N5584, Pavilion N6000 series, Pavilion N6100, Pavilion n6195, Pavilion XH series, Pavilion xh156, Pavilion xh176, Pavilion xh226, Pavilion XH260, Pavilion xh335, Pavilion XH35, Pavilion xh365, Pavilion xh395, Pavilion xh455, Pavilion xh485, Pavilion xh555, Pavilion xh675, Pavilion XT118, Pavilion XT155, Pavilion XT236, Pavilion XZ series, Pavilion XZ185, Pavilion XZ275, Pavilion XZ295, Pavilion XZ355, Pavilion ZE4210, Pavilion ZE4240, Pavilion ZT1114, Pavilion ZT1121s, Pavilion ZT1125, Pavilion ZT1130, Pavilion ZT1131s, Pavilion ZT1135, Pavilion ZT1141, Pavilion ZT1145, Pavilion ZT1150, Pavilion ZT1151, Pavilion ZT1152, Pavilion ZT1155, Pavilion ZT1161, Pavilion ZT1162, Pavilion ZT1170, Pavilion ZT1171, Pavilion ZT1175, Pavilion ZT1180, Pavilion ZT1185, Pavilion ZT1190, Pavilion ZT1195, Pavilion ZT1201, Pavilion ZT1250, Pavilion ZT1260, Pavilion ZT1290, Pavilion ZT3000, Presario 1000, Presario 1010, Presario 1020, Presario 1030, Presario 1040, Presario 1050, Presario 1060, Presario 1065, Presario 1070, Presario 1075, Presario 1080, Presario 1081, Presario 1090, Presario 1090ES, Presario 1200, Presario 1200T, Presario 1200US, Presario 1200XL, Presario 1200XL101, Presario 1200XL102, Presario 1200XL103, Presario 1200XL104, Presario 1200XL105, Presario 1200XL106, Presario 1200XL109, Presario 1200XL110, Presario 1200XL111, Presario 1200XL118, Presario 1200XL119, Presario 1200XL125, Presario 1200XL126, Presario 1200XL127, Presario 1200XL3, Presario 1200XL300, Presario 1200XL325, Presario 1200XL401, Presario 1200XL404, Presario 1200XL406, Presario 1200XL408, Presario 1200XL409, Presario 1200XL420, Presario 1200XL423, Presario 1200XL500, Presario 1200XL505, Presario 1200XL510, Presario 1200XL515, Presario 1200XL526, Presario 1201AP, Presario 1201Z, Presario 1207, Presario 1210, Presario 1214, Presario 1214SR, Presario 1215, Presario 1216, Presario 1220, Presario 1221, Presario 1230, Presario 1232, Presario 1234, Presario 1235, Presario 1236, Presario 1237, Presario 1240, Presario 1242, Presario 1244, Presario 1245, Presario 1246, Presario 1247, Presario 1250, Presario 1255, Presario 1256, Presario 1260, Presario 1266, Presario 1267, Presario 1270, Presario 1272, Presario 1273, Presario 1274, Presario 1275, Presario 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Presario 725US, Presario 800, Presario 800 series, Presario 800XL, Presario 80XL550, Prosignia150 IBM 1400I, 1410I, 1411I, 1420I, 1421I, 1422I, 1436I, 1452I, 1460I, 1472I, 1480I, 1482I, 1483I, 1492I, 1500I, 1512I, 1540I, 1541I, 1542I, 1552I, 1560I, 1562I, 1592I, 380, 380D, 380E, 380ED, 380XD, 385, 385D, 385ED, 385XD, 560, 560E, 560X, 560Z, 570, 570E, 600, 600D, 600E, 600X, 660, AMS TECH MP-975A Sharp Sharp PC MM10, Sharp PC UM10, Sharp PC UM20, Sharp PC UM30, Sharp PC UM30W, Sharp PC UM32, Sharp PC UM32W Toshiba Satelite 1000, Satelite 1005, Satelite 1715 XCDS, Satelite 1730, Satelite 1730CDT, Satelite 1735XCDS, Satelite 1755, Satelite 1755CDT, Satelite 1755CE, Satelite 1755DVD, Satellite 1000-Z2, Satellite 1005-S157, Satellite 1100-S101, Satellite 1200 series, Satellite 1200-S121, Satellite 1200-S122, Satellite 1200-S252, Satellite 1600 series, Satellite 1605CDS, Satellite 1620CDS, Satellite 1625CDT, Satellite 1640CDT, Satellite 1670CDS, Satellite 1675CDS, Satellite 1690CDT, Satellite 1695CDT, Satellite 1700 series, Satellite 3000 series, Satellite 3000-S304, Satellite 3000-S353, Satellite 3000-S514, Satellite 3005-S304, Satellite 3005-S403, Satellite 3005-S504
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Notebook LCD  13.3' WXGA B133EW01 подробнее...
Notebook LCD 13.3' WXGA B133EW01
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Наша цена: 85.40EUR (60.02Ls)
Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" 1280×800 AUO B133EW01 (TN TFT) ASUS W7J 13.3" 1280×800 AUO B133EW01 V0 (TN TFT), Toshiba LTD133EX2A (TN TFT) BenQ JoyBook S31-R03 13.3" 1280×800 AUO B133EW01 V0 (TN TFT) Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook T5010 13.3" 1280×800 BOE HyDis HV133WX1-100 (AFFS) Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 13.3" 1280×800 LG.Philips LP133WX2 (LT)(D1) (TN TFT) Sony VAIO PCG-SZ670 13.3" 1280×800 Toshiba LTD133EXBY (TN TFT) VAIO VGN-SZ2HRP 13.3" 1280×800 Sharp LQ133K1LA4A (TN TFT) Toshiba Satellite U400 13.3" 1280×800 Samsung LTN133AT07 (TN TFT)
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Notebook LCD  16' WXGA HD LTN160AT04-N01 подробнее...
Notebook LCD 16' WXGA HD LTN160AT04-N01
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Наша цена: 91.10EUR (64.03Ls)
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