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Spare parts (Camera)
Spare parts (Playstation, PSP,XBOX....)
* Notebook components
    LCD for Notebook
    Battery for Notebook
    CD_DVD drive
    cooler pad
    Power supply
Spare parts GSM
Battery GSM
Charger GSM
Hands-Free GSM
Housing GSM
Repairs instruments
Universal product
Wireless Charger/Receiver
Memory Card
MP3/MP4 Player
Bluetooth Headset
Car Accessories
Display protection GSM,Camera,PDA
Power supply
Security kit
Toner& Inc cartridge for Printer
Usb Flash Disk
Bag for Photo/Video camera
Battery Photo/Video
Charger for video/photo cameras
Datacable for Photo/Video
Memory Card Reader/Writer
Home charging AA/AAA/C/D & Batteries

Notebook components Главная : Notebook components :

LCD for Notebook (18)
Battery for Notebook (133)
CD_DVD drive (2)
cooler pad (3)
Power supply (20)


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Notebook cooling pad CP01 подробнее...
Notebook cooling pad CP01
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Наша цена: 10.70EUR (7.52Ls)
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Notebook Cooler pad - CP03 black подробнее...
Notebook Cooler pad - CP03 black
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Наша цена: 12.10EUR (8.50Ls)
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Portable speaker 008B подробнее...
Portable speaker 008B
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Наша цена: 12.50EUR (8.79Ls)
Fits MP3, MP4, notebook , telephones GSM 150Hz-20kHz battery 1000mAh cable USB, jack for Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola 180x32,5x51mm. 140g.
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Notebook USB Travel Tool Bag подробнее...
Notebook USB Travel Tool Bag
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Наша цена: 14.20EUR (9.98Ls)
Notebook USB Travel Tool Bag Package contents: Mini optical mouse, USB Num pad, Network cable (RJ45), USB-Hub (4 port), USB cable (USB-A to miniUSB). This comfortable USB device set supplies you with everything you need when traveling with your notebook. Featuring an optical mouse, 4-port USB hub, RJ45 network cable, USB-a to miniUSB cable and a USB numpad - always the most important accessories with you! The bag is made of durable nylon and features inflexible foam placeholders inside to securely fit every part. All cables are constructed as retractable flex cables for clean wire management and without carrying around messy and tangled wires - useful for any netbook/notebook or PC/Mac.
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Power supply ACE 19V/3,42A,65W подробнее...
Power supply ACE 19V/3,42A,65W
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Наша цена: 14.20EUR (9.98Ls)
Fits notebooks Acer Aspire 1410, Aspire 1680, Aspire 2000, Aspire 2010, Aspire 2020, Aspire 3000, Aspire 3500, Aspire 5000 Series, Extensa 700, Extensa 710, Travelmate 200, Travelmate 201, Travelmate 202, Travelmate 203, Travelmate 204, Travelmate 205, Travelmate 206, Travelmate 207, Travelmate 208, Travelmate 209, Travelmate 210, Travelmate 211, Travelmate 212, Travelmate 213, Travelmate 214, Travelmate 215, Travelmate 216, Travelmate 217, Travelmate 218, Travelmate 219, Travelmate 2300, Travelmate 2310 , Travelmate 2350, TravelMate 2403, Travelmate 260, Travelmate 290, Travelmate 310, Travelmate 312, Travelmate 313, Travelmate 3200, Travelmate 330, Travelmate 330T, Travelmate 332, Travelmate 332T, Travelmate 333, Travelmate 333T, Travelmate 340, Travelmate 360, Travelmate 365, Travelmate 380, Travelmate 4000, Travelmate 4050, Travelmate 505, Travelmate 505DX, Travelmate 506, Travelmate 506DX, Travelmate 506T, Travelmate 507, Travelmate 507DX, Travelmate 507T, Travelmate 508, Travelmate 508T, Travelmate 510, Travelmate 511, Travelmate 512, Travelmate 512DX, Travelmate 512T, Travelmate 513, Travelmate 513T, Travelmate 514, Travelmate 515, Travelmate 516, Travelmate 517, Travelmate 518, Travelmate 519, Travelmate 51X, Travelmate 520, Travelmate 524TX, Travelmate 524TXV, Travelmate 6000, Travelmate 620, Travelmate 720 , Travelmate 730, Travelmate 740, Travelmate 8000, Travelmate 8100, Travelmate C110T, Travelmate C110TC, Travelmate C111T, Travelmate C111TC, Travelmate C112C, Travelmate C112Ci, Travelmate C112T, Travelmate C112Ti series Asus A3Ac, A3E, A3Fc, A3H, A3Hf, A3N/L, A3Vc, A4000D, A4000G, A4000K, A4700D, A4700K, A5Eb, A6000, A6000G, A6000K, A6000Ne, A6000U, A67000Ne, A6700G, A6F, A6M, A6R, A6Rp, A6Tc, A6U, A8H, B1000, B1400A, B1500, B1500A, F2F, F2J, F3F, F3Ja, F3Jc, L1B, L2, L31, L3200, L34, L3400, L35, L3500, L3500D, L3500T, L3800, L3800C, L3C, L4, L84B, L84C, L84F, L84K, L84L, Lamborghini VX1, M2, M2N, M5, M5000N, M5A, M6, M6000N, M6000R, M6700Ne, M6N, M6Ne, M6R, M6V, S5N, U5F, V6J, V6V, W1, W1Ga, W3V, W3Z, W5A, W5F, W6A, W6Fp, Z9R Dell Inspiron 3000, Inspiron 3200, Inspiron 3500, Inspiron 3500D233XT, Inspiron 3500D266GT, Inspiron 3500D300GT, Inspiron 3500XT, Inspiron 7000 Gateway Solo 1100 , Solo 1150, Solo 1200, Solo 1400, Solo 1450, Solo 2100, Solo 2150, Solo 2200, Solo 2300, Solo 2300LS, Solo 2300XL, Solo 2500, Solo 2500LS, Solo 2500SE, Solo 2500XL, Solo 2550, Solo 5100, Solo 5100XL, Solo 5150LS, Solo 5150SE, Solo 5150XL, Solo 9100, Solo 9100LS, Solo 9100SE, Solo 9100XL, Solo 9150, Solo 9300, Solo 9300cx, Solo 9300xl MaxData Artist Bistrol, Eco 4000IW, Eco 4000IW Select, Eco 4000IW Top Select, M-book 1000T, Performance 110T, Performance 120T, Pro 5000IR, Pro 5000IR Select, Pro 600IW, Pro 600IW Top Select, Pro 650, Pro 650T, Pro 650X, Pro 7000X, Pro 800IW, Pro 800IW Select, Vision 350, Vision 350m, Vision 450, Vision 450T, Vision FX460, Vision FX470
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Power supply HP 18,5V/3,5A.65W II подробнее...
Power supply HP 18,5V/3,5A.65W II
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Наша цена: 14.20EUR (9.98Ls)
Fits notebooks HP/COMPAQ NC2400, NC4400, 500, 510, nc6230, NC6320, nc6400, nx6125, nx6310, nx6315, nx6320, nx6325, nx6330, nx7400, TC 4400
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Power supply HP 18,5V/3,5A,65W I подробнее...
Power supply HP 18,5V/3,5A,65W I
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Наша цена: 15.70EUR (11.03Ls)
Fits notebooks HP/COMPAQ NC6400, Armada 110, Armada E500, Armada E700, Armada M300, Armada M700, Armada V300, Business Notebook nx9020, Business Notebook nx9030, Business Notebook nx9040, EVO N110, EVO N150, EVO N200, EVO N400C, EVO N410C, EVO N600C, EVO N610C, EVO N620C, EVO N800, EVO N800C, EVO N800V, EVO N800W, nc4000, nc4010, NC4200, NC6000, nc6100, nc6105, nc6110, nc6115, NC6320, nc7200, NC8000, nc8230, nx5100, nx6100, nx6105, NX6110, nx7200, nx8000, Pavilion DV1000, Pavilion DV1100, Pavilion DV1200, Pavilion DV4000, Pavilion DV4400, Pavilion DV5000, Pavilion DV8000, Pavilion ZE2000, Pavilion ZE4900, Pavilion ZT3000, Pavilion ZT4000, Presario 1500, Presario 1500SC, Presario 1500US, Presario 1501, Presario 1502, Presario 1502SC, Presario 1503, Presario 1505US, Presario 1506, Presario 1507, Presario 1508, Presario 1509, Presario 1510, Presario 1510US, Presario 1511, Presario 1512, Presario 1516, Presario 1520, Presario 1520US, Presario 1522, Presario 1525, Presario 1525US, Presario 1531, Presario 1535, Presario 1538, Presario 1550, Presario 1555, Presario 1568, Presario 1570, Presario 1572, Presario 1580, Presario 2800CA, Presario 2800T, Presario 2800US, Presario 2801CL, Presario 2805US, Presario 900US, Presario 905, Presario 905US, Presario 910, Presario 910US, Presario 912, Presario 912RSH, Presario 918, Presario 918RSH, Presario 920, Presario 920US, Presario B3800, Presario seria 2200, Presario seria 300, Presario X1000, Presario X1015, Presario X1030, Presario X1040, Presario X1200, Prosignia 160, Prosignia 170, tc4200
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Power supply HP 18,5V/3,5A.65W 7,4x5,1 with pin BULK подробнее...
Power supply HP 18,5V/3,5A.65W 7,4x5,1 with pin BULK
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Наша цена: 16.40EUR (11.53Ls)
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Notebook 80W CAR CHARGER UNIVERSAL подробнее...
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Наша цена: 17.10EUR (12.02Ls)
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UNIVERSAL  POWER SUPPLY. AUTO  FR2172.3500mA подробнее...
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Старая цена: 21.30EUR
Наша цена: 17.10EUR (12.02Ls)
Вы экономите: 4.20EUR (20%)
Universal power supply auto 3500mA 12V>>>>>>15 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 22 / 24VDC
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